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Que & A is a market research firm based in Toronto.  We specialize in recruitment and project management of qualitative consumer studies. Our market includes the GTA plus major cities and rural communities across Canada.

While other firms offer an array of services in the market research industry, we focus on the most valuable aspect: finding respectable quality respondents that meet your target demographic. We want our clients to feel confident knowing their projects are in good hands. Recruiting doesn’t have to be so difficult! Let us make this process an easy, painless experience.

Our extensive databank is constantly updated and replenished. Our focus is to be everywhere your consumers are by staying connected to as many social media platforms as possible. The world is constantly changing and the methods of communicating are evolving every day. That is why, at Que & A, we are committed to adapting and ensuring our recruitment methods are modern, efficient, and precise!


Our Services

We recruit for many research types such as:


Focus Groups


Usability Tests


Online Research


Ethnographic Research

In-home Studies


Frequently Asked Questions

What are market research studies?

Market research studies are an organized effort for companies and organizations to gather information and data to help improve their products or services. It is a very important component for businesses as it helps them improve their products/services in hopes to gain more revenue. Market research can be conducted in many forms such as: in depth group interviews, individual interviews, online communities and so much more!

What do I have to do during these studies?

If you are selected to participate in a market research study it can be an exciting and rewarding opportunity. You are responsible for actively participating during the interviews and providing your honest feedback whether it is negative or positive. Sometimes the researchers have fun activities for you to complete either before or during the interviews. In addition, we are looking for participants who are outspoken, thorough/detailed, opinionated, thoughtful and definitely not shy!

Will I get compensated for participating?

 Absolutely! All of our studies will offer some form of compensation or incentive for your time and feedback. There is no standard incentive amount. Each study is different: in length, method of interviewing, complexity level, target of demographic, which can all play a factor. To provide an example you may be asked to participate in a study for 2 hours in length for about $100 incentive. Not too shabby right?

How do I participate?

After you sign up or connect with one of our many social media platforms, wait for a study to be emailed/posted. If you fit the target demographic that we are looking for, follow the instructions and reach out. One of our recruiters will be in contact with you to go through our screening process. Once you qualify, you will be sent an invitation to participate in the study!

How often can I participate?

It all depends on the criteria the client is seeking and your availability to participate for the studies. Although we typically limit participation to once every six months.